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IWCF /IADC Drilling Level 2 Well Control (Introductory Training)

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IWCF /IADC Drilling Level 2 Well Control (Introductory Training)

ELIGIBILITY: The Level 2 (Introductory) 4-days course is designed for delegates “working in roles which may directly contribute to the creation, detection or control of a well influx” . This course is also designed to give potential well control certification candidates an awareness on well control Theory, Practices and Equipment as a preparation prior to taking levels 3 & 4.
COURSE COVERS : This course provides a basic understanding of features of drilling a well and the fundamental principles involved in maintaining well control . The course covers Barrier management, Risk management, Fundamentals of Formation Pressure,Fracture Strength,The consequences of well control events, How well control events can occur,How well control events may be detected, How well control events may be avoided, Basic well control and pressure calculations, An overview of well control, Basic overview of well control equipment, Basic overview of well kill procedures, Some basic scenario based training examples. Successful completion of the course and examination will result in IWCF Level 2 certification with 5 years validity.
Assistant to Wellsite Supervisor or Wellsite Drilling Engineer Wellsite and office based Operations Geologist
Roughneck Derrickman Barge Engineer
BOP/Subsea Engineer, Dynamic Positioning (DP) Operator and LMRP Engineer Drilling Contractor Wellsite Rig Engineer
Venue : PTCS – Mumbai
Further Course Details contact our Registered Rigtech Office

Schedule FOR Well Control Training Schedule – 2022-2023

Oct’2022 Level Location
3rd to 7th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
10th to 14th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
17th to 21st L-3/4 Physical Trg.
27th to 31st L-3/4 Virtual Trg.
Nov’2022 Level Location
31st Oct to 4th Nov L-3/4 Physical Trg.
7th to 11th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
14th to 18th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
28th to 2nd Dec L-3/4 Virtual Trg.
Dec’2022 Level Location
5th to 9th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
12th to 16th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
19th to 23rd L-3/4 Physical Trg.
26th to 30th L-3/4 Virtual Trg.
Jan’2023 Level Location
2nd to 6th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
9th to 13th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
16th to 20th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
23rd to 27th L-3/4 Virtual Trg.
Feb’2023 Level Location
30th Jan to 3rd Feb L-3/4 Physical Trg.
6th to 10th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
13th to 17th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
20th to 24th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
Mar’2023 Level Location
27th Feb to 3rd Mar L-3/4 Physical Trg.
13th to 17th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
20th to 24th L-3/4 Physical Trg.
27th to 31st L-3/4 Physical Trg.

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