Mokshith S. A.

(Roustabout at COSL Pvt. Ltd.)

Being a fresher and that too from a commerce background, it’s more than safe to assume I didn’t know anything about the oil and gas industry, it’s workings the equipments used not even the basics, so I approached Rig Tech and they suggested that their EOT ( Engineering and operation Technique) would be the ideal course for me. Over the course of 4 months I learned a great deal about the oil and gas industry and not just theory, the one month long practical training conducted at Sathyamangalam at their unique and one of a kind training facility gave me a hands on look at the equipments I use on the oil rig today.


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"NEBOSH IGC results declared - IGC 1 - 55 % , GC 2 - 79 % , GC 3 - 67 % " "Last date of registration for NEBOSH IGC : 26.12.2017, Class commencing date : 08.01.2018"