“We at RigTech aim to make our institute   a center of international excellence in the field of Oil & Gas service sector as well as safety sector”


“To contribute to India and the world through excellence in technical education; to serve as a valuable resource for oil & gas industry and safety sectors; and remain a source of pride for all Indians.”

” To generate new knowledge by offering training programs that are informative and an added advantage for undergraduates and post graduates.”

” To provide  the best training  to fresher’s and existing employees available with a benefit of hands on field training and opportunity to work & fiddle with tools and equipment unlike any in the country. “

” To impart live training experience that helps to  bridge the gap between their curriculum and career”


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"NEBOSH IGC results declared - IGC 1 - 55 % , GC 2 - 79 % , GC 3 - 67 % " "Last date of registration for NEBOSH IGC : 26.12.2017, Class commencing date : 08.01.2018"