Rig Tech is the first and only institute in India providing Onsite Training in OIL & GAS Exploration & Production, at its own facility – RIGTECH INTERNATIONAL PRACTICAL TRAINING CENTRE- ; here all our students can facilitate the practical facilities available which will help to get the best training available with a benefit of hands on field training and opportunity to work & fiddle with tools and equipment unlike any in the country.

Now- a-days, it’s been very difficult for the students to identify themselves and their interest to get ahead with their core subjects because of the competitive jobs due to booming attractive offers from offshore outsourcing sources such as BPOs & KPOs, apparently major reason is to get employed, only after graduation but early demand is increasing; because when you are younger and freer, there are good opportunities to go to a such companies and pick up lots of experience.

How can a Petroleum or Chemical Engineer become a demanding resource for oil industry??

RigTech will help you to add values to your capabilities; we will help you to upgrade your intense skill to a fruitful human resource, because you are the real explorer of Black Gold, so we have come across to a conclusion of FREE MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN for Petroleum , Chemical  & Petrochemical Engineers who aspire to have career in Oil & Gas Industry. There is a huge job opportunity for shutdown and Maintenance in all sectors, so the trained graduates like you are the most considered resources for Oil Industry.

So prove yourself that you have a good work culture in Oil & Gas.


  • Online updates regarding core subjects
  • Current newsfeed of oil & gas industry in India and around the globe.
  • Technical Assistance : you can reach us at and will be reverted within a week by our experts.
  • Work Experience Program at RigTech , if required.
  • Yearly career guidance workshop in different parts of India
  • Vocational Training in Gate – Petroleum

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"NEBOSH IGC results declared - IGC 1 - 55 % , GC 2 - 79 % , GC 3 - 67 % " "Last date of registration for NEBOSH IGC : 05.02.2018, Class commencing date : 12.02.2018 "